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What is mdBriefCase Group?

mdBriefCase Group specializes in accredited, online continuing professional development (CPD) programs, custom tailored for specific international markets and available on a convenient online platform.

All content is developed by leading specialists and peer-reviewed by experts at respected institutions, which keeps more than 140,000 global healthcare professionals at the forefront of the latest evidence and protocols worldwide.

What types of programs do you offer?

mdBriefCase Group offers programs in over 20 therapeutic areas to healthcare professionals in Canada, Australia, the Middle East and Africa. Around the world, we also offer Knowledge Transfer Series, our internationally developed e-Resource centres, and Clinical e-Audits. CLICK HERE to find your country and explore available programs.

If you’d like to complete more comprehensive courses on high-profile topics, our in-depth certificate-level programs are also available on AdvancingPractice.com.

Are mdBriefCase Group programs accredited?

Yes, the vast majority of our programs are accredited by one or more respected institution. We do provide unaccredited content in our eResource centres and Knowledge Transfer Series to ensure that healthcare professionals have access to relevant practical resources in addition to accredited learning.

Specific accrediting information (including the accrediting body, along with the type and number of credits) can be found on the “Main” page and/or “Accreditation” page of each program. In order to qualify for accreditation and obtain your certificate, you must successfully complete the requirements listed on the “Accreditation” or “CME Information” page available in each program.

Can I access your programs via my mobile device?

Yes. mdBriefCase Group programs can be accessed from your desktop, tablet or smart phone. When you register and begin a program, your account will remember where you left off, making it easy to begin a program on one device, and complete it on another.

A program was recommended by my local society/association. How is mdBriefCase Group involved?

mdBriefCase Group works with various institutions to provide peer-reviewed, up-to-date accredited content. Our programs and resources are provided via collaboration between medical writers, faculty members, associations, universities and other relevant organizations. The content you were recommended is likely valued by your society or association and is conveniently provided to you free of charge on an mdBriefCase Group platform.

What is a Knowledge Transfer Series (KTS)?

eCMEs and resources on topical clinical subjects developed collaboratively with an international scientific community and regional experts. Content is relevant to local healthcare professionals and includes accredited learning, publications, videos from expert physicians, practical resources and more.

Why can’t I access a Knowledge Transfer Series relevant to my country?

Knowledge Transfer Series are currently available in specific countries. If we have not developed a KTS specifically for your region, you will have access to general international content. We are always working hard with accreditors, societies, associations and universities in your region with the aim of providing additional relevant content, but currently only offer KTS in the following countries:
Canada, United States, Australia, Italy.

What is an e-Audit?

Clinical eAudits are patient health management (PHM) programs that allow physicians to complete accredited learning and apply knowledge into practice through use of their EMR system, thus improving patient management and outcomes.

How can I participate in a clinical e-Audit/PHM program?

Currently, these programs are only available to physicians in Australia and to select groups of physicians in Canada. If you have registered with mdBriefCase Group, please ensure that you are subscribed to receive our email updates. When we have a program that suits your practice, we’ll reach out. If you’ve not yet registered, CLICK HERE to find your country, explore programs and register.

How can I provide an unrestricted educational grant to support the development of a program?

If you are interested in learning more about supporting one of our programs, please Contact us.

How can I contribute as a medical writer or planning committee member?

If you are interested in working with mdBriefCase Group as a writer or committee member, please Contact us.

What is the privacy policy at mdBriefCase?

To access the mdBriefCase Group privacy policy, please click here.